Thursday, October 20, 2005

HAAAAANDSY Hansgen's suprise bday party

Suprise bday party for our beloved Thor... amazingly orchestrated by Randi! Good times had by all. An attempt by Thor at the pinata, which ended in the pinata being stabbed to death by the splintered remains of the brand new croquet mallet. Woot woot! It's his party and he'll stab pinatas if he wants to!!

Ross HILARIOUSLY falls asleep STANDING UP in an attempt to get his charade team mates to say, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
Thor's party hat
Thor blows out his candles... mmmmmm, pecan pie
After the party dwindled down to four people, we decided that we should continue to party and go to the Toucan... lordy... after our collective tab reached one hundred dollars, the bartend was an ass and told us that we couldn't have anything else until we paid... but we didn't let that ruin our party... we continued to see who could take the sexiest fake make out pictures... then we all staggered home.


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