Sunday, October 09, 2005

remembrance of things past 2

tiny messiah vs. the flame

Point of fact: after your first homoerotic dream everything changes.

Once you have to rebuild cities there will be lots of jobs.
They have fat, but I can't remember if it's good fat or not.

Put 'dichotomy' on my list of things not to say:
as in, the virgin-whore dichotomy.

Maybe a miracle, or a series of miracles will occur.
The president has started drinking again.
Your child is wearing a marijuana-themed hat.
Dont give the sterilization squad ammunition, pal.

I think it's clear that the longings of his heart were
satisfied when he came in touch with the combustion
engine. & an interstellar sage in a snowsuit

with a mouthful of porkrinds. & a lack of executive function.


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Blogger randi said...

it's a little like having a small cut in your mouth and always wanting to put your tongue in it, even though you know that it will never heal if you keep up this risky behaviour, this business of listing things not to say.
onus onus onus onus.

5:30 PM  
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