Friday, September 09, 2005

everyone gets down...

Randi's birthday... mmmmmm jello cake

on a mission...

new chair making (august 1st)
everyone pitches in to help make the goat more beautiful...
then to the toucan for birthday celebrations

otherwise your love is a sham

I was reading Allison Pick's new novel The Sweet Edge & the Goat got a mention. Good for us. It is a great read. Everybody is publishing a novel or recording an album these days & it makes me feel like the least productive Kingstonian on Earth. Never mind how good looking everyone is these days; it makes a guy think twice about not hanging himself. Anyhow:

When did you become bad ass?

Nietzscheans in windows,
Starbucks cosmopolitanism & hot yoga regimens are all the rizzle.

Eccentric millionaire violinists & the mythomaniacal public talk of judeo-masonic conspiracies influencing gas prices & race in the antidiluvian south.

Dog breeds that help cure cancer,
Acupuncture gets a nod of approval from medicine.
What's next: a death row inmate seeking non-judgmental people to correspond with? Must like to read.
Catholic kids in uniforms like crusaders crusading to find smokes,
A baby doll that has taken the world by storm.
Cryptozoologists are the new marine biologists.
Michael Knight of Knight Rider fame suffered from one philia or another, he must have, statistically speaking.
The botoxic. The relationship between genius & madness.

Engineers dumping over garbage cans:
Didn't you used to be the Student Council treasurer at my high school? When did you become bad ass?